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  • Scope of business

    Consulting on the island of La Palma

    Tax representation for individuals (Non-residents). Independent consulting for example with:

    • Tax returns
    • Passport and status issues (N.I.E./Residencia)
    • (Self-)Employment in Spain (in a nutshell ->)
    • Fiscal aspects of real estate renting
    • Purchase or sale of real estate (e.g. fiscal design, value certificates)
    • Support in case of inheritances (in a nutshell ->)
    • Authority issues

    In a nutshell: Support in case of inheritances

    If one of your relatives dies in Spain and you inherit real estate, a car or money in a bank account of a Spanish bank, you may be faced with an unpleasant surprise. Because without a notarial deed of inheritance in Spain you will not be able to take possession of your new property or even sell it. This is where we come in if you inherit on the island of La Palma: we tell you which documents you have to provide and accompany you on the way to the deed of inheritance. And we help anyone who does not want to leave their heirs with unnecessary problems by removing as many obstacles as possible or to implement solutions during their lifetime.

    In a nutshell: Self-Employment

    Thanks to digitization, you can live here and work there today. But be careful, topics such as taxes, pension and health insurance must be adapted to such a life situation. This is all the more true if you move to Spain with the whole family. This is where we come in if you want to live on the island of La Palma: we will help you get your business started here and get the whole paperwork as straightforward as possible, from registering with the tax office to health insurance and acquiring the resident status. We will be happy to accompany you for a while afterwards until you can confidently stand on your own two feet.